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New Charity Prints!

Cancer Research Charity Prints Fine art prints Fundraising St Gemma's Hospice

Hi everyone!

I've been thinking for some time about how I can raise some money for two very special and worthy causes.

St Gemma's Hospice in Leeds who cared brilliantly for my wonderful Mum just before she died of cancer in 2012 and Cancer Research for obvious reasons.

Now, I had been hoping to do a marathon or scale the north face of the Eiger but time and money are a big factor so what can I do to raise some cash for them? Well, I can create some prints and sell them on my website can't I? Absolutely, so that's what I've done and 50% of the proceeds of all sizes of the three Amaryllis Charity Prints (see below) will be eventually divided between these two causes.

Follow this link to see them or go to COLLECTIONS in main menu and choose Charity Prints. 

Please share this post if you can and hopefully we can raise a decent amount. Thanks everyone!



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