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Lovesong for a City: My first photobook!

LoveSong for a City

I've been working on a photo book project for a while now and the concept is a 'lovesong' to my home city of Leeds set in images rather than music.

The book is called LoveSong for a City because that's how it felt when bringing it all together, as though writing a song full of imagery for a great friend that I know and love.  So I'm looking at it this way, this book could be the first song on the album of a great lost record, who knows? 


I realised after a while that it could turn into a life's work quite quickly, documenting an ever changing city could easily become a never-ending project and also there are so many different aspects that you could focus on so in breaking it down into small 'songs' it doesn't become overwhelming and you can always write another song when feeling inspired!  

Stylistically, the book has elements of abstraction, street photography and fine art photography, which were used to show the great humour and character of the place with it's unique noise, atmosphere and movement. I've tried to show what resonates and what catches the eye, but there's also a contrast between the vibrant and the peaceful. 

I'd really like to turn the book into an exhibition somewhere and I'm working on that now so I'll keep you all posted.

In the meantime you can have a look at some of the shots from the book below. Wish me luck and please do let me know what you think by leaving comments below. 


















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