Fragmented but unified.

Posted by John Withey on 27 October, 2015 0 comments

Hello everybody,

I've been thinking about posting this for a while to talk about the current direction of my work and the ideas behind it. Simply put, it's about fragmenting forms and blurring them in order to represent the idea of unity.

At first it sounds contradictory but actually I think you can see anything with the idea that it is separate from everything else and isolated but I'm trying to show the opposite of that. I want to show people, objects or natural forms as part of a whole, as though they are connected to their surrounding environment and therefore unified with it.

So by fragmenting a subject, I'm blurring the lines between the form and it's environment and hopefully showing it to be less isolated. If we choose to see everything as separate then there's a danger of thinking, well that doesn't concern me, it's not connected to me so why bother. I think everything is part of a whole and so I'm enjoying exploring that idea which is closely related to the concept of Gestalt. 

Here's some examples of recent work that follows this concept.

Abstract form, blurred monochrome geometric shape       Fragmented, blurred image of a tree at dusk



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