About Illumino.

We offer e-commerce fine art prints for sale and also provide creative services to SMEs and advertising agencies. We have been fortunate enough to work with some of the best companies and agencies in Leeds providing photography services to promote both products and events. 

We are known as a specialist in (SME) business photography helping owner operators to showcase their products and services to target markets. 

All of our prints are of archival quality and printed on acid free, fine art paper and to the same standards required by museums when reproducing an artists work. 

Our Limited Edition Prints are each signed and numbered. 


About John Withey.

photographer john withey in the studio

I love coming up with ideas and creating visual art whether that be using photography or drawing or using mixed media.  All the work that I create comes out of the desire to produce something interesting, original and impactful. 

After graduating in Visual Arts from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2009, I worked for a while in a portrait studio to gain some technical experience and learn the ropes with studio lighting. I did enjoy portraiture but my art background was always pulling me in another direction. I like the idea of creating pictures, putting elements together myself and so I really wanted to try and make that my next step and take control in the studio. 

After a few false starts I gradually started to create work that I was happy with and that was still challenging and I continue to do that now.

I now work from a small studio in my home city of Leeds and I established Illumino in 2013 to allow me to publish and sell fine art prints of my work, to connect with people and to give me a framework to move forward as an artist. So far, so good and thank you to those of you who have helped with all kinds of support!

I've recently started to get back into making Illustrations and creating prints from them in the studio. It's been a blast and a breath of fresh air so I'll continue to work on these for the time being and see what comes from it. 

I like art that is simple on the surface but underneath there is more happening. I’m constantly pushing myself in that direction, sometimes it really works and sometimes you miss the mark but the process, as they say, teaches you! 

I hope that puts you in the picture a little bit more about Illumino and myself and if that hasn’t put you off too much then you can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest. (See links below)

Thanks again and enjoy the site!

John Withey